dr. Anggi Yuliani Utami, dipl. Cosmetic Medicine

Medical Skincare training. Ready to assist doctors and the non-doctors in mastering medical aesthetics.


Comprehensive Skin Care Training and Course that combine medical knowledge with the artistic aspects of skincare. Courses are available for both doctors and non-doctors to learn and practice facial skincare techniques from basic to advanced levels. Participants who complete the full course will receive an official certificate and be prepared to become either aesthetic doctors or beauticians.

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Ready to Work

Combining in-depth theoretical material with hands-on practice, participants will be ready to enter the field of medical aesthetics and compete in the beauty industry.


Join thousands of our alumni from Indonesia and abroad who have successfully run their beauty clinics and enjoy brilliant careers.


Get free aesthetic consultations after training! We support the long-term success of your medical aesthetics career.

Skin Care Training


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1. Basic Medical Aesthetic Class
Your first step to understanding skincare with our basic class. Learn detailed skin analysis, cosmetic techniques, and facial treatments with experts.

Our comprehensive course covers a wide range of topics, including skin care, basic skin analysis, cosmetics, manual facial care, and the use of beauty equipment. Participants receive thorough training in both theory and practice, preparing them to excel as aesthetician doctors or beauticians. The training spans five days, and those who complete the full program will be awarded a certificate in aesthetic beauty training. This class is open to both medical doctors and the general public.

2. Intermediate Medical Aesthetic Class
Enhance your medical aesthetics skills with our advanced classes focusing on specific techniques such as Botox, Fillers, PRP, Thread Lift, Laser, and more. Gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on practice.

Botox & Filler Class

botox & filler and threadlift for doctor. 2 days training (Theory and Practice)

PRP Class

training to create PRP formula and how to apply to patient. One day Training (09.00 – 17.00)

Thread Lift

Face lifting 1-2 days training (theory and practice)


Non-invansive skin rejuvenation, Mesotherapy, Micro needling, Growth factors, Micro Channeling, etc

Laser Class

laser and light based device, Laser IPL, Carbon laser, LLLT, Pico, NdYag, Co2 laser etc.

Online & Hybrid Class Live
virtual live training

We offer flexible training methods to suit your preferences: Onsite, Online, or Hybrid. Our Hybrid Training Class combines the best of both worlds, providing a blend of face-to-face and virtual online training through our innovative application called DARING. You can access this application via a Web Browser (Chrome/Safari, etc.), Mobile Application (Android/iPhone), or Desktop Application (Windows/Mac OS), ensuring a seamless and convenient learning experience.

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