Curriculum / Medical Aesthetics Training:

  1. The Art of Consultation dan Skin Analysis
    • Knowledge of the skin in relation to beauty
    • Analyses & Diagnosa Skin Disorders
    • Beauty and the science of nutrition & detox to health and beauty
    • Skin analyzer modalities:
      General Check-up the whole organ function related to beauty
    • The use of skin analyzer computer / tv, loop lamp.wood lamp, and sebumeter in analyzing and diagnosing skin disorders aesthetic
    • ABCD Early detection of skin malignancies signs and Body Dysmorphic Disorder Screening Patients
  2. Knowledge and Practice of Cosmetic and Medical Cosmetology
    • Cosmetology and Medical Cosmetology Basics
    • Basic use of Medical Cosmetology
    • Pharmacological ingredients – active ingredients in cosmetic
    • Cosmetics and making an example of more than 10 formulations of skin care
    • Analyzing the OTC of cosmetic products (range 1-10 min))
    • The difference between Cosmetic and Medical Cosmetology
    • Medical Cosmetology application (Cleansing, Mouisturizer, Sun block) and Cosmetic
    • Herbal Cosmetic and Medical Cosmetology
    • Formula combination method for Medical Cosmetology
    • Medical cosmetology knowledge product
    • Making beauty treatment menu for clinic and home care product.
    • Formulation and manufacture of cream (cream treatment)
    • Cream formulation (basic raw semisolid materials)
    • Make your own cosmetic formulations
  3. Skin Care knowledge and practice on clinic
    • beauty treatment applications (several methods)
    • Cleansing)
    • Toning
    • Exfoliating / Peeling / flaking skin
    • Face Soothing
    • Face Massage (International Methods)
    • Face masks
    • Full-blooded face
    • Eliminate Black Head comedo without steam
  4. Beauty treatment application with electrical equipment (Mecano and electro therapy)
    • Galvanic Facial
    • Treatment, High Frequency
    • Spray, Vaccum suction, Vapozone,Frimator
    • Cold Steamer for relaxation.
    • Ultrasound, sonoforesis, fonoforesis,
    • Dermabrasi diamond and micro kristal dermabrasi,
    • Hot & Cold Treatment
    • Supersonic skin for scruber, nutrisi dan anti wringkle
  5. First Aid in Accident, hygiene & sanitation, sterilization
  6. Therapeutic Concept:
    • Acne
    • Pigmen (Hiperpigmentasi)
    • Scar
    • Wrinkle
  7. Eye treatment
  8. Skin Peeling mechanically, microdermabration (diamond, cristal), oxygen jet Peeling, corundum peeling, traditional peeling, Bio – Chemical Peeling dan Chemical Peeling: Enzimatic Peeling, AHA peeling ( lactic Peeling, GA peeling), BHA peeling(salisilic), TCA peeling dan Kombinasi Peeling
  9. Body Peeling Therapy / bleaching
  10. Mesotherapy with or wihout needle
  11. Rejuviniting skin rooling method (Microneedle Therapy) :
    rejuv, scar, wrinkle, selulite, strechmark, mesofiller, lifting
    Manual mesotherapy needle
    Mesoterapi non – needle conventional & new generation)
  12. Anti-aging Therapy
    • Anti Aging Therapy and skin rejuvenation
    • Peremajaan Kulit Wajah
    • Laser for rejuvination
    • Botox, Filler Application
  13. Skin Lifting without surgery
    • Radio Frequency, microcurrent
  14. Electrocauter penanganan mole, skin tag
  15. Knowledge of a wide range of beauty treatments including injection technique combination
  16. Laser
    + light based device (PDT,LED,IPL)*
  17. Obesity Treatment
  18. Spa Preview
  19. Face and Body Limfatic Massage
  20. Ear Treatment / Hopi Ear Candle
  21. Preparation for the opening of the Skin Care and Cosmetics Business


Other Advance Training ( National, International sertification)

  1. Botox
  2. Filler
  3. Laser and light based device
  4. Hipnotherapy for beauty
  5. Carboxitherapy, Cryotherapy
  6. Sklerotherapy
  7. Mesotherapy
  8. Stem Cell Therapy
  9. Hair Management
  10. Make Up and Hair


Fee: IDR. 5.500.000 ( US$ 600)
Down Payment. Min. 20 % (IDR. 1.100.000 / US$ 120)

Training Facilities:
- Air Conditioner
- Modules and materials practice purposes
- Beauty Equipment Hands-on
- Models as patients
- Coffee break dan lunch

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